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No compromises.

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The most accurate and comprehensive CBC testing available

More insights

More diagnostic flexibility

More confident clinical decision-making

No compromises

Greater insights with the industry's most comprehensive complete blood counts (CBCs)

  • Detect changes before disease becomes clinically evident.
  • Get reference laboratory-quality results in your laboratory or ours.
  • Increase confidence in clinical decisions using integrated technology and tools.

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Run CBCs your way—choose what’s right for your patients and your practice

At your veterinary practice

ProCyte One Haematology Analyser

The simplest way to get a trusted CBC result in-house. Learn more.


ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser

The most comprehensive and accurate in-house haematology analyser. Learn more.

At the laboratory

IDEXX Reference Laboratories sample collection bag
IDEXX Reference Laboratories
  • IDEXX CBC—for healthy-patient visits
  • IDEXX CBC-Select—for sick-patient visits

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Which analyser is right for your practice?


ProCyte One

ProCyte Dx

We want CBCs that include reticulocyte haemoglobin, band neutrophils, nucleated red blood cells, and fluid analysis


We are a specialty/emergency practice


We plan on running CBCs several times a day


We are a small animal practice


We are a shelter or a vaccine wellness clinic


Make your best clinical decisions with expert support and resources

Determine next steps quickly with the help of advanced technology and tools.
  • Interpretive aids and differential diagnosis help you get answers more quickly.
  • Dot plots, included on every in-house CBC report, provide a visual representation of results.
  • Direct access to board-certified medical consultants provide extra help when needed—at no charge.

Let us help you find the right haematology solution for your practice

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  • Answer questions about the technology and accuracy of IDEXX Haematology solutions.
  • Discuss which solution may be right for your practice.