ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser 

In-house haematology with reference laboratory-quality results in real time

  • The first and only in-house haematology analyser that combines three cutting-edge technologies for accurate results in just two minutes.
  • Dot plots generated as a visual representation of the complete blood count (CBC) for easy interpretation and validation of results.
  • View comprehensive results, including an advanced five-part white blood cell differential, RETIC-HGB, presence of band neutrophils and nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs) as well as body fluid analysis.
  • Automate your work flow with the IDEXX VetLab Station.

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Band neutrophils

Band neutrophils are noted when they are suspected to be present in a sample. Their presence is the single best indicator of inflammation.

Nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs)
Bone marrow damage and excess RBC production

Nucleated red blood cells are noted when suspected to be present in a sample. These cells indicate bone marrow damage or extreme increases in red blood cell production, both of which prompt quick action.

Abdominal/Thoracic and synovial fluid parameters*


27 Whole-blood parameters*

RBC (red blood cell count)
HCT (haematocrit)
HGB (haemoglobin)
RETIC (% and #) (reticulocyte count, percentage of reticulocytes)
RETIC-HGB (reticulocyte haemoglobin)
MCV (mean cell volume)
RDW (red blood cell distribution width)
MCH (mean cell haemoglobin)
MCHC (mean cell haemoglobin concentration)
PLT (platelet count)
MPV (mean platelet volume)

PDW (platelet distribution width)
PCT (platelet haematocrit)
WBC (white blood cell count)
Monocytes (% and #)
Lymphocytes (% and #)
Neutrophils (% and #)
Eosinophils (% and #)
Basophils (% and #)
Band Neutrophils (when presence suspected)
nRBCs (nucleated red blood cells – when presence suspected)


Run a test in just three simple steps
  1. Identify the patient to initiate the sample run on the IDEXX VetLab Station.

  2. Place the sample in the ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser.

  3. Press the Run button and walk away.

That’s it! In just two minutes, results are ready for next steps and sharing with clients using the IDEXX VetLab Station diagnostic report during the patient visit.

View the ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser Operator’s Guide and other resources.


Smarter technology for better haematology

The ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser employs three cutting-edge technologies to provide the most comprehensive complete blood count (CBC) available in-house.

Laser flow cytometry

Laser flow cytometry delivers an advanced five-part white blood cell differential. The ProCyte Dx Haematology Analyser uses laser flow cytometry to perform a full analysis of multiple characteristics of each white blood cell, for the most accurate interpretation of all five white blood cell types.

Optical fluorescence

Optical fluorescence provides a highly sensitive and accurate reticulocyte count with the use of specific fluorescent stains. Feline platelets are analysed with this method to ensure superior separation when delineating platelets and red blood cells of similar size.

The process involves staining sample cells, directing laser light of 633 nm at each cell and collecting multiple angles of light scatter. Wavelengths of 660 nm and greater – denoted here in blue – are captured for very precise measurements of the cell’s nucleic content. Only the ProCyte Dx analyser offers this superior capability for highly sensitive and accurate analysis.

Laminar Flow Impedance

Laminar Flow Impedance performs the fastest and most precise count of red blood cells for quick and accurate analysis. With advanced Laminar Flow Impedance technology, cells are lined up one by one to ensure each cell is characterised individually.


Dimensions & weight

Width: 12.6 in (32 cm)

Depth: 16.26 in (41.3 cm)

Height: 15.8 in (40.3 cm)

Weight: approximately 55 lb (25 kg)

View full technical specifications:

ProCyte Dx Hematology Analyser Operator's Guide

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*The number of reported parameters may vary according to species.